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December 2017
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Episode 60 with Nick Mason, Greg Larsen, Laura Dunemann and Ben Russell where we find out who loves soggy chips, why Ben was in a Star Trek online role playing game and why Greg is going to fight Angry Anderson

Also the live shows are starting very soon (July 16) at Brew Cult Bar in Brunswick. Get tickets here

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59 - With Ben Lomas, Emily Taheny (Mad As Hell), Xavier Michelides and Peter Jones where we find out about Bad reviews, how Peter ended up with blood on his hands and whose Dad flooded their brothers backyard on their wedding day. 

Also Melbourne, live shows are on sale for the 6 Sunday shows starting July 16. For tickets go to

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DYKWIA 58 with Ed Kavalee, Dave O'Neil, Nat Harris and Stu Daulman where we find out why Nat's Dad tried to bribe her, where Dave slept in Denmark what amazing fact brings Stu and Ed closer together.

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Live shows are also on sale for July 16 - August 20, Sundays for 6 weeks at 2pm at Brewcult Bar in Brunswick, for tickets click here

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A special edition episode of Don't You Know Who I Am? with 4 of Josh's longest friends, 3 from Tasmania, and 1 ex housemate. With Tash Mitchell Grogan, Jimi Richardson, Doug Will and Zane Lynd. Find out if Jimi pissed his pants on stage at a metal gig in the UK, What Zane did in the office to almost get fired and why Tash can't brush her own kids teeth.

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Also Live shows for Melbourne are on sale here July 16 to August 20

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DYKWIA 56 with the hilarious Anne Edmonds, Harley Breen, Cam Knight and Geraldine Hickey. We find out what happened to Cam in Yazd, Who has a Bidet Bullet and if Eddo can actually remember her stories.

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Episode 55 of DYKWIA with Fiona O'Loughlin, Nath Valvo, Adrienne Truscott and Adam Knox where we find out Nath's plan to relax the men of the world, who Fiona wants a judge to get rid of and why Adrienne had a 6 person security detail for her gig.

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Ep 54 recorded on location in a hotel room in Broome. With Cal Wilson, Carl Donnelly, Daniel Connell and Danielle Walker. We find out who will eat chips off the ground, what happened at a 60th Birthday party and how Dan entertained a room full of RSL service men and women.

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Ep 53 with John Safran, Demi Lardner, Nick Capper and Aaron Gocs where we find out who once did an acting class with Mark Seymour, Why Gocsy got fired from a "Pizza House" and who is crying up trees.

WE also talk about John Safran's new book Depends What You Mean By Extremist out now through Penguin Random House

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Ep 52 with Nick Cody, Dilruk Jayasinha, Sarah Jones and Rhi Down where we find out who is sticking with stereotyping, how Dilruk got arrested and why Rhi was known as "Funny Rhi" in High School.

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This weeks episode features four brand new guests with Steen Raskopoulos, Aaron Chen, Jess Perkins and Cameron James. We find out who invented the clapback, Why someone had a "client" and what one of our Mums witnessed in her car.

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