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75 - With Charlie Pickering, Nick Capper, Kate Dehnert and Declan Fay where we find out who is ready to go viral, what happened to Kate at Disney Land and why Declan quit acting.

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Live from the Sydney Cafe Lounge Ep 74 with Wil Anderson, Becky Lucas, Justin Hamilton and Tiff Stevenson where we find out who has a lot of opinions on pony tails, why Wil is demanding a point and how Tif spent her 18th year.

Recorded in Sydney at the Cafe Lounge, for more info on their upcoming events go to

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73 - The Weekly Planet Vs Two In The Think Tank, that's right, James and Nick, and Alasdair and Andy battle it out to find out whose girlfriend fancied another comedian, what was in that watering can and just how old is James

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72 - Aunty Donna and Alex Ward in a very funny episode where we find out who pissed in a car boot, what happened to Alex at Dream World and where pine nuts come from.

Also Sydney live show is on sale at If in Sydney come along to the Cafe Lounge in Surry Hills at 4pm. Tickets are only $10

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71 with Denise Scott, Michael Chamberlin, Steele Saunders and George McEncroe where we find out who gatecrashed Denise's 16th Birthday, how a person can get 'Margaritaitis' and why a person would go to DisneyLand on their own at age 39.

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Ep 70 with the hosts of the Do Go On podcast Matt Stewart, Jess Perkins, Dave Warneke, and first timer to the podcast Naomi Higgins. We find out why Jess couldn't sleep in a dorm in Ireland, who fainted working the checkouts and how Matts dad punished him.

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Ep 69 - A special themed episode with the guys from Filthy Casuals (Tommy Dassalo, Adam Knox and Ben Vernel) and Nick Capper where we find out who once got caught wanking to a Mel Brooks film, why Capper had two Backpackers jump out of a Station Wagon and how Tommy almost got banned from the internet.

Also Sydney DYKWIA show is on sale, October 8 at the Cafe Lounge in Surry Hills 4pm, for tickets go to

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68 - Luke McGregor, Randy, Geraldine Hickey and Sarah Smith play DYKWIA where we find out who would be RuPaul, what Sarah's dad did with his bees and why Randy has only ever had one cup of coffee in his life.

Also, you may notice that in the round Yeah Nah Yeah Geraldine didn't answer a question. I wrote a lie for Luke to say but something came up during it that the we all felt is probably best not broadcast, nothing salacious or scandalous, just a judgement call the five of us felt was the best one to make. Gez did score the point though.

Also, for $10 tickets to the Sydney DYKWIA live show at the Cafe Lounge on Oct 8 click here.

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67 - Recorded live at Some Velvet Morning with Hamish Blake, Celia Pacquola, Lawrence Mooney and Dave Callan. Where we find out whose omen for falling in love is seeing a one armed woman, how an 8 year old Hamish made a huge mistake and just what Dave got up to at Burning Man.

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Also Sydney live show on October 8 is on sale at

Tickets only $10 so if you're in Sydney come along, it really is an amazing line up

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66 - With Josh Thomas, Lehmo, Harley Breen and Sonia Di Iorio recorded live at Some Velvet Morning where we find out who is hungover, why Harley has his son upstairs and what Lehmo did to get death threats.

If in Sydney come to the live DYKWIA at the Cafe Lounge October 8 at 4pm, for tickets go to

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