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The Final DYKWIA? for the season with Luke McGregor, Claire Hooper, Demi Lardner and Nath Valvo where we find out who loves Maggie Smith, why Claire's German holiday wasn't great and how many people want to see Luke nude. Thanks to everyone for downloading and sharing. See you next year

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DYKWIA 48 with Dave O'Neil, Cal Wilson, Anne Edmonds, Nick Cody Live from Some Velvet Morning where we find out who stole their libraries pot plants, how Eddo got her fork back and why Cal almost set her bed on fire. All recorded live from Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill. For ticket details go to

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47 - This week live from Some Velvet Morning with Tom Gleeson, Hannah Gadsby, Kate McLennan, Broden Kelly (Aunty Donna) we find out who wants to pick a fight with Adelaide, how Hannah spent her High School Cross Country and where Tom was laughed at for being poor. For tickets to the live shows head to and big thank you to our prize sponsor Kitchen Language, cheeky tea towels not for the faint hearted

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Live from Some Velvet Morning a brand new episode of Don't You Know Who I Am? with Celia Pacquola, Dave Thornton, Fiona O'Loughlin, Rhys Nicholson where we find out who loves tracksuit pants, how Dave woke up in France and way too much about my dating style. All recorded live at Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill. For tickets to next weeks show head to

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DYKWIA is back with a brand new season (SEASON 6) all recorded live at Some Velvet Morning in Clifton Hill. This week we have Tom Ballard, Dave Callan, Laura Dunemann and Daniel Connell all battling it out to discover who hates printers, what song Laura wants played at her funeral and how Tom coped being forced to live with a One Nation founder for 4 weeks. For tickets to the live shows head to

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The Final DYKWIA of MICF and the final one for the season. Recorded in front of an audience at The European Bier Cafe with lawrence Mooney, Sammy J, Demi Lardner and Raw Comedy 2016 Winner Danielle Walker. We find out what sand is, who feels like they are in a stranger danger video and why Demi's tongue is extraordinary. Thanks for the most successful season of DYKWIA, share it around and I'll see you later in the year.

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Recorded live as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival at the European Bier Cafe with Meshel Laurie, Adam Richard, Kate McLennan and Nath Valvo where we find out who thinks your baby is ugly, why someone was drinking Metamucil from a wine glass and how someone survived being held hostage. 

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Live from The European Bier Cafe with Sam Simmons, Matt Okine, Cal Wilson and Dilruk Jayasinha we find out who got Peri Peri sauce in their eye, what Matt did in a bath in Ghana and why Elephants walk themselves backwards. All of that and more on this episode of Don't You Know Who I Am? hosted by Josh Earl 

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The first live DYKWIA of the 2016 Melbourne International Comedy Festival with Felicity Ward, Rhys Nicholson, Becky Lucas, and Guy Montgomery where we find out who had a great joke about Sting, Who murdered a chicken for love and why did Guy kiss with his eyes open

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Hilarious episode of DYKWIA with Greg Fleet, Tommy Dassalo, George McEncroe and all the way from Canada Gillian English. We find out who buys no brand lube, who didn't know how to work a till for eight months and what someone may or may not have said in front of Tommy's Mum.

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